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Quality Materials

At Cityglyph, we partner with a company that uses a proprietary material which we have chosen because it is far above the quality of those we tested. It is thicker, and it has the slightly textured look and feel of an artist’s canvas. We believe it is the best choice for our photographic reproductions which requires a high-end presentation. It is also, the easiest to install.

Easy Installation Process

We recommend that you hire a professional to install your Cityglyph.  To find a professional in your area please consult the listings of the Wallcovering Installers Association.

If you prefer, CItyglyph is easy to install with another person to assist you and you follow the instructions below

Prep Your Wall

  • Smooth out any bumps and fill any cracks in the wall.

  • Remove all switch plates and wall fixtures.

  • Clean the surface with a warm, damp towel so the mural will stick directly to the wall, avoiding any dust or residue on the surface.

  • Wipe the wall dry with a dry clean rag.

  • Measure and mark your preferred mural position on the wall.

  • Peel the backing a few inches down away from the top of the mural.

  • Apply the back of the mural to the wall and press it down.

  • Peel the backing down off the mural, a few inches at a time, while smoothing it on the wall.

  • If wrinkles appear, avoid force to get them out. Instead, rub gently to the edges of the mural. If the wrinkles will not move or dissipate, peel the mural back up and reapply.

Align Panels (Only for Multi-Paneled Wall Murals)

  • Follow the above directions.

  • Keep in mind that ensuring the proper alignment of the first panel will allow for successful installation of a multi-panel mural.

  • After installing the first panel, verify that it is aligned and positioned correctly on the wall. Then align panel 2 with panel 1.

  • Repeat previous steps for additional panels.

Eliminate Excess Material

  • Once the mural is completely adhered to the wall, cut back any excess material around ceilings, trim, and wall edges.

  • Use a straightedge and a sharp blade for the best results. Cut slowly, and carefully. Don’t forget to change blades often for the cleanest cut.


Q. How long will my Cityglyph stay up?

This depends on the surface the mural is applied to. A mural will last for many years in an average environment. Cleaning the wall before installation is key to making a mural last for years to come.

Q. Will my Cityglyph hurt my walls or paint? Even if it's up for years?

No, the repositionable mural we produce will not damage your walls no matter how long they are applied to a wall. The reason for this is we use no adhesive growing agents in our adhesive. Most adhesives grow overtime to the surface they are applied to because they have a property in the adhesive that becomes stronger over time. Our adhesive does not have this property allowing it to be applied to a surface for many, many years and still be able to be peeled off with ease without hurting the wall or paint.

Q. Can I install a Cityglyph in a bathroom or a room with high amount of moisture?

Absolutely! Cityglyphs can withstand the high moisture in bathrooms and other high moisture rooms. When installing the mural, make sure that the wall is completely dry of any moisture and dust.

Q. Can I wash my Cityglyph?

Yes, you can wash your wall mural with a damp rag.

Q. What surfaces are recommended?

Cityglyphs will stick to a variety of surfaces without damaging the surface underneath. For best results a surface must be flat, smooth, and clean for our murals to work best. This includes drywall, glass, finished wood, cement, and others. We do not recommend brick, cinder block, wooden paneling or other non-flat or textured surfaces but we have had applications that worked on these surfaces.

Q. Are Cityglyphs removable?

The removal process couldn’t be easier; just peel the mural carefully off the wall. Our murals will not damage your walls or paint.

Q. Can I save my Cityglyph?

After removing your Cityglyph, place it flat on the backing paper you saved from the original installation. Make sure to keep the adhesive side free of dust and dirt. Murals can be stored on the backing paper, however Cityglyph cannot guarantee the results of reapplication as we cannot verify proper handling. For best results, re-install immediately, more extended storage time can shorten the lifespan.